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Shame, implicit memory and Cortisol

Firstly, I want to thank my son for fixing the ‘shame’ logo above – I am now having it made into cards, but will keep my original hand-drawn, wonky one on the blog because it is where I started. I have just listened again to Daniela Sieff’s brilliant talk about trauma – I went to the […]

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Babies, epigenetics, the ACE study and core shame

As I write this blog, I allow myself to go wherever my instincts take me, so that when I get a feeling that I want to pursue a particular line of enquiry, I just do it, which, as those of you who have followed me for a while will know, has led me to wander […]

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The need for firm foundations – more self-compassion

I went to a beautifully eloquent lecture on trauma the other day by Daniela Sieff, at the RSA who has written an informative and accessible book about it – Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma. Listening to Daniela made me realise that I need to slow down – there’s no point in rushing ahead unless you have the […]

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Who am I – peering behind the mask

The Search for the True Self – a word of caution Yes, as Rumi says, your face is absolutely glorious, but I suggest that you proceed with extreme caution – perhaps rather than tearing off the mask, you need to lift it carefully at one corner and peer gently underneath, in private (at first), although […]

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Forgive yourself – it’s not your fault – then look for resources

This has just arrived on Twitter, and I’m thinking about it as I work on this post………I believe that everything I write is ‘true’, I think that it’s ‘necessary’, and I sincerely hope that it’s ‘kind’. Forgiving yourself For those of you who have lived with core shame all your life, and who have developed […]

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