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The eyes have it…….I think…….

As I suggested at the end of my last post, I want to begin by talking about deep shame – the all-encompassing kind that seems to have its roots at the very beginning of our existence in the world – and my sense is that this has a lot to do with eyes. I have […]

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Why shame?

     A ‘schandemaske’, or ‘mask of shame’ – this one has the nose of a pig. Throughout the German-speaking world in Medieval times, people who committed certain kinds of social mistakes were obliged to parade through the town wearing such masks. As you can see from the mask above, shame has been around for […]

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Dipping a toe in the cyberwater

I embarked upon this project with great enthusiasm, and huge ideas about what I wanted to do, only to fall at the first hurdle – I couldn’t get my head around the technology so I abandoned it, and spent the last two months stuck in the mud wondering how to proceed. I then decided to […]

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